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The Very Beginning

As a starter, I would say writing is a paradox. For me, thinking about ideas or just finding one is quite easy. The problem is putting such ideas and nonexistent things into words. Not just ordinary words, but words which can be understood by people so they can be useful by whoever read my writings. And thus, I have so many ideas piling up in my head without ever being written,

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–like that. Found the picture from Google.

Luckily this blogging excur opened in this year, when I enrolled this school as a new senior high school student. For the trial I wanted to choose English theatre and economy club, but God arranged some (un)fortunate incidents which made me couldn’t pick economy club. So instead, I chose English theatre and blogging-for the excur trial. At first I was sure I’m going to choose theatre, but I ended up here anyway. Because there is something I wanted to do but I could never focus to do it, which is writing. And now I have someone guiding me from the very beginning, plus I’m given time to write. I am certain I will not regret choosing this excur, and I will stay here for 3 years I’ll spend in this school.

eating bag of pinecones is also hard

Sometimes, making decisions are very hard. And often, starting something new isn’t less difficult. (Picture from What If? – Lunar Swimming)

So once again thank you for Ms. Deasi, because through her appealing lecturing I decided to choose this excur without doubt regardless of another choices (and thank you for the comment, I’m so happy tbh). I want to thank everyone too, especially those who interact with me, either rarely or often, in the past and present, virtually or reality. Because without you knowing, most of you have given me so much lessons and ideas to write, and just with a chance and a little encouragement, here I am, starting to write.

Through my writings, I wish that people can be inspired or entertained. People have their own story, and they can share it with anyone they want. Each story can be written, read, and/or understood from a different perspective, so I’d be happy if you share your opinion about my writing. Or you can request an article or fanfiction so I have more topics to post and fill up my blog.

Who is wise? Let them realize these things.   

Who is discerning? Let them understand.            -Hosea 14:9a

~Special thanks for Ms. Deasi and Q

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A Bit Introduction

Greetings, this is the first post I write. Forgive me if there is any grammatical mistake, but I write in English instead of Indonesia so I can improve and everyone can read my writings.

Now that I joined the blogging extracurricular activity in my school, I have a specific time to write each week! So I want to thank Ms. Deasi for opening this blogging club. I like the atmosphere in this class, wherever we are – classroom, library, anywhere.

There are many things in my head, sadly they’re never written. Most things I like to write are about thinkings, parables, and anything inspiring. But sometimes when I get too emotional, possibly I’ll write my feelings in a metaphorical way (and see if people can understand my writings).Image result for blue origami

This one isn’t mine though. I found it from Google.

The name Originica is taken from my first name + origami + last name. Yes, I like folding origamis and building papercrafts. I like to imagine things too, and it’s one of my reasons why I like to write. My writings may vary, so expect me to post a fictional story and and a description about my favorite game character next. But I ensure people can learn something useful from my posts, though it depends on the person. You may request a fanfiction too if you want! Give me the characters and a theme, I’ll write for your happiness.

Ah, and my favorite color is blue. Not navy, not sky blue. Because blue is the color of unconsciousness.

“Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as his children. For what children are not disciplined by their father?” -Hebrews 12:7

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Again, I found it from Google. Thank you for whoever made it.

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