Writing Style

Most of my writings with a certain topic will be in form of letter or  story.

Why letter?

Do you like receiving letters? Does it make you happy? Letter is one of our communication facility, although now it’s replaced with e-mail. But both of them are actually the same in term of writing. Letter is an indirect way to express what I want to tell people about. And it’s free whether people want to open and read it, or just rip it off and throw it away.

I do not recommend you to follow the format/template though, especially for school assignments or work.

How about story?

Even in fictions, I write the storyline carefully so it still makes sense. Yes, there were magics and things, but most of them are based in physics law and theories ^^ So people can still imagine it happening in the reality, and the possibility isn’t 0%. Sometimes that boosts people’s optimism, even though just a bit.