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Temporary Harmony

 “Two in harmony surpasses one in perfection.”

-Kirijou family, Persona 3

“Is it fine, if I write a poem about you? But please don’t tell anyone.”

“It’s okay.”

“Sorry, I lied. It’s not about you, it’s about us.”

Monochrome no more,
Grace never hides
Mute no more, with lively cheers
Aesthetical world beyond

Too much fitting, feels like trolling
I stop denying

Staring into nothing

We are black and white,
We are love and hate,
We are left and right,
We are smile and tear.

But, as if!

Smiling gladly, although lonely
Running from fantasy, which chases wildly
Singing quietly, with silent melody,
Knowing reality, the temporary harmony,
resides forever within me.
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Where not long ago the land freed,
A melancholic, not believing without proof,
Without any proof to prove
Where to above knives are dull
Where knock of the gavel depends on money
Where votes determines everything
Where conscience fades
Where pitiful laughs of the ‘common’ sense
Supressed minority, dregs left
Bad is said good, good is said bad
Right is wrong, wrong is right
Forbidden became permissible,
according to the will.
Don’t understand? Seek and find. Don’t care? Be Self-conscious.
Dig further, fall farther.
By the time it happens, end of the world,
your fault.
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A Fanfiction by Originica

Genre: Romance (this time with happy ending(?))

Word Count: 1,349

Summary: Falling in love is troublesome. And what would you do if your crush with difficult personality never notices you? Luckily, Michiko has a or two friends to help her gain some attention from the perfectionist Ichi-sama.

Comment: FInally it’s done after six months, and woah, it’s quite long. I hope you won’t get bored reading this. Actually I tried to break it into two parts, but I don’t know where to, since it’ll be less interesting if it wasn’t a cliffhanger.

Special thanks to Himeko Sakura and Michiko Yuuta

~Happy Reading~

“Cheer up, Ichinomiya. You did great earlier-“

“Silence, Aose. You don’t know anything.”

“…no, not again.”

It’s not unusual for a depressed Ryouichi to be rude, no matter how friendly he actually is. The gloomy youth cornered in the empty classroom, while Haruhito trying to find his key locker in his bag.

“Screw my gets-nervous-easily nature,” Ryouichi whined, “I could’ve done better for a better score…”
A loud sigh followed by a small ring. When it comes to grades, no one can stop the perfectionist Ichi-sama.
“Seriously, not again, Ichinomiya. Anyway, I’m going to eat and leave you here alone with  your constant whining if you don’t get up. Now.”

Michiko Yuuta squealed like how she’s an in-love high school girl. When it comes to Ryouichi, she wouldn’t stop squealing and fangirling over the dark-haired youth. Sakura, who was walking beside her, seemed paying few to no attention to the girl’s rambling about Ryouichi.

It’s not like it’s something unusual, after all.

But sometimes, even just listening from Michiko’s cheery tone left a trace of happiness in her heart. She couldn’t hide her smile, and she admit she’s grateful that she had a friend that was able to (subconsciously) share her happiness with her.

Ichinomiya Ryouichi was a quite popular boy in the school, due to his intelligence… and perfectionism. He always put all-out efforts, to make sure he got the best grades. He had no major weakness, even his shyness wasn’t a big hindrance for him. He only had slight difficulty in public speaking and socializing.

“What was his name again? Aose Haruhito, isn’t it?”, she pondered for a while, “People say he’s one of the most mischievious one here, but he looks like a good person.”
Sakura wasn’t really paying attention, but she would be lying if she wasn’t startled at the name. She only shrugged while Michiko continued, “Not to mention he’s friendly to everyone. Weird.”

Sometimes Sakura wondered if Michiko had something else to talk about, anything but about boys. She’s used to Michiko’s gossiping and squealing, but she wanted to at least avoid talking about Haruhito.

“What do you think I should do, Sakuuuuu?”, Michiko whined, “I don’t even think he knows my name.”

Asking about boys and love life to Himeko Sakura was a great mistake.

“Maybe you should talk to him directly, don’t just give him codes or seek for attention like that. I don’t think he would understand, not even notice you,” she answered, though she really have no idea. “And stay positive, Micchi. I’m sure at least he knows your name and class. Almost everyone here knows you.”

“Awww, you’re my best friend, Saku,” Michiko squealed again, this time for a different reason. “Thank you for your advice. I’ll try to talk to him.”

Ryouichi almost choked on his drink.

“What? Me?”

Staring dumbfoundedly at the girl, Ryouichi waited for confirmation about what he’s just heard.

“Mmhm! You’re one of the smartest students I know, so I think you could teach me some of these.”

“But I’m not good at teaching- Ah, why don’t you ask Aose? He got over 90 for the last test, I’m sure he can teach you better than me. Anyway, a teacher called me earlier, so I have to go now. Sorry, see you later.”

And Ryouichi walked past Aose without another word and left the classroom before Aose or Michiko can stop him. After he completely disappeared, the classroom stayed silence for a while. Until the dark-haired girl screeched at Aose.

“You entered this classroom right when there is- no, there was a great timing for me to get Ichinomiya’s attention because I’m sure he could teach me some of these and-“


‘…crap,’ she thought. Meanwhile, Haruhito was laughing hysterically.
With that, Michiko slapped Haruhito at his back.
“Ouch! Wait, wait! I mean, listen!”
“Why do I have to listen to you?!”
“Calm down, Yuuta. I know you like him, and I know something useful for you.”

Michiko slumped. She couldn’t really trust Haruhito, plus from his reputation he can be an annoying bastard sometimes.
There was a brief silence before Haruhito continued.

Ryouichi sneezed suddenly, startling the youth which is sitting across him.

“Got a flu?” Haruhito asked.
“I feel more like someone is talking about me. Behind me.”
“Maybe girls,” Haruhito took the last bite of his sandwich. “You know how much they like gossiping over us.”
“You. Not us.” Ryouichi deadpanned.

“Well, look. I know that there’s this girl that likes you and tries to get your attention. But sadly you never notice her and she never stop trying.” Haruhito shifted on his seat and rested his chin on his left palm. Ryouichi raised his eyebrows.
“How do you know?”
“You know me. By looking at her, I know.”

Ryouichi sighed, displeased by Haruhito’s answer. “Yeah, whatever.”

“I know you don’t believe me, but at least give the girl some attention! She’d be very happy for sure.”
“…I’ll try to.”

“And that how it went,” Haruhito said finishing his story. “So you just need to stay positive like Saku-chan told you.”

Michiko startled a bit.

“Wait, what do you mean by Saku-chan-? How come you call her like that? Does she even allow you to? I don’t even think she knows you, neither you know her-“

“Aaanywaaaaay, it’s not like Ichinomiya’s avoiding you or anything. He may be a bit shy sometimes, especially with girls, but that’s how it is. So cheer up and don’t give up, I know you like him and I’ll support you too,” Haruhito winked. Michiko threw a glare in suspicion.

“You’re not avoiding my question, are you?”
“No, you -are- changing the topic. Or at least, you tried to.”
“I’m not! You are!”
“Nope. It’s obvious that you are.”
“I’m not! Don’t act like you know anything about me! And don’t spill it to anyone else if you don’t want your head to be hung in the basketball ring!”

As always, Michiko closed her locker with a loud bang, startling the girl standing next to her.

“Calm down, Micchi. You should be careful with your things,” Saku patted Michiko’s back, which was seemingly, annoyed. “I-“


Michiko turned slowly to see Ichinomiya walking into her direction, with books in his hand and bag hanging over his shoulder. She couldn’t help but start squealing inside. Oh, and not to forget, with Haruhito trailing behind Ichinomiya.

“I’m sorry, I was called by a teacher yesterday. And it seems Aose here hasn’t taught you yet, so if you still need to be taught…” Ichinomiya trailed.

It takes a few seconds for Michiko to process what was just happened.

“Ah, really? Thank you very much! But when are you able to teach me?” Michiko trying to hold back from grinning widely.

“Actually, when are you going to have the test? I’m free today and tomorrow.”

Saku, who was just finished packing her belongings, slumped her back over her shoulder and cut their conversation. “Um, Micchi? If you don’t mind, can I go home first?”

Michiko said to her friend, “It’s okay! See you tomorrow then, Saku-chan!”
“See you tomorrow, Micchi,” Sakura whispered, “And good luck.” “Aww, thank you, Saku-chan!” They high-fived, then Sakura walked past Ryouichi and Haruhito without another word. Fortunately she didn’t notice that the dark-haired youth had been eyeing her for a few seconds.

“Well, I’ll go too, then,” Haruhito shifted on his place. Ryouichi turned his head to him and commented, “you’re going home? This early? That’s so unusual of you.”
“Nah, I’m going to the gym,” he patted Ryouichi lightly on the shoulder, then jogged with a grin. “See ya!”

Meanwhile, Michiko was standing there, dumbfounded, with eyes sparkled and mouth slightly agape. Though, her joy was still gone unnoticeable by the youth. “Let’s go, then?”

The girl now trailed behind him silently. Although she knew that she mustn’t fail the next test, she couldn’t help but getting her focus scattered on her study.


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Maybe  I want to thank those who visited my blog first.

Anyway, uh, yeah, so I want to- no, I have to admit have so much cons in writing. More like, blogging.

My teacher gave me a link to a page, which contains 81 tips from 24 bloggers.  That’s aa lot, but most of them are just the same.  And most them are something I haven’t done until now.  So, 3 of the most crucial thing that I need in blogging are:

  1. Consistency

I know I’ve been writing inconsistently lately, like posting 1-2 posts at a time and then not posting  anything for a few months. And that’s why I’m happy if there is -any- visitor, even though just one. :/

2.  Specific Theme

I admit this blog looks like chicken salad. But starting from now on, I’ll focus more on writing fiction, poetry, and answering questions from askbox (and blogging assignments from school too of course).

3.   Trying to write on different PoVs

An extremely difficult thing to do. Though I want to make my blog as interesting and useful as I can, doing it is actually not easy at all. If possible even, I’d be happy if my blog is useful for studying or you can get any inspiration from reading my posts 🙂

But, you know. Easier said than done.



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A Reply to A Question from the Askbox

April 25th, 2017

School, Jakarta

First, I want to apologize for the super-late reply (it’s been more than a month lol). Things going a bit hectic in my school by the time I write this. Second, I didn’t really expect someone to ask something. Last, I want to thank Crooked_shank  for asking the question. Let’s see the question:

“What would you do to get over something horrible in the past?”

As an adjective, horrible is a subjective, relative word. So let’s see the definition first.


Okay, thank you google. In this case, we’re using the first definition, and I take ‘horrible’ as ‘likely to change you/your life because of horror and/or shocking it caused’. Or more like, something very bad that (unfortunately) happens to you.

For me personally, I always try to take the positive sides instead of lamenting over the negative impacts.

Horrible things will be kept in our memory, and perhaps we will recall it sometimes in the future. It won’t be as horrible as it was, but it’ll make me introspect myself a bit more. Like, how that happened, do and don’t, how I am now, etc.

Example. A boy who likes archery, gets a silly birthday celebration: being thrown with eggs which causes one of his eye to be blind. Maybe some people -know- how he feels, but maybe they don’t -understand-. As this boy falls into despair, since he probably can’t do archery anymore, he tries to cheer himself up. Despite of ‘why’ questions and sadness welling up in his head, he tries a new hobby. He starts drawing to reflect his memory, and he’s glad that at least he still has an eye left. And he makes sure that he won’t lose that another one.

He draws more frequently, and his drawings turned into a beautiful art with deep meaning. Who knows he’s good at art if he keeps up with archery, despite of try to draw?
This may not a splendid or expected answer, but that’s my personal thinking. Hope this helps, and have a nice day!

Best Regards,


Words are like chains. It will drag you into despair if you don’t break free.

Words can be venom or elixir. Ingest and digest it, and it may either kill or heal you.
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2016’s Definitions of ‘Stupid’

Definitions of ‘Stupid’

By: Originica42868512-Rubber-stamp-with-word-stupid-inside-vector-illustration-Stock-Vector.jpg

(Picture isn’t mine.)

Definition of stupid by Merriam-Webster Dictionary


  1. a :  slow of mind :  obtuse
    : given to unintelligent decisions or acts :  acting in an unintelligent or careless manner
    :  lacking intelligence or reason :  brutish

  2. dulled in feeling or sensation :  torpid <stupid from the sedative>

  3. marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting :  senseless <a stupid decision>

  4. a lacking interest or point <a stupid event>
    :  vexatious, exasperating <the stupid car won’t start>

Definition of stupid by I-don’t-know-who: 5292014015145.jpg

(Stupid) Definition of stupid by me:

  1. lazy, not want to, or not to use brain to think
  2. not having or lacking an (according to most people) obvious knowledge,  such as common sense
  3. having an irrational mind and/or thinking about something irrational, insane, etc. because of whatever happened to the mind

Resolution: Be neutral. Don’t say people are smart or stupid. Don’t think yourself is smart or stupid.

Those words are relative. Too relative, and the latter is too frequently being said in a negative way.

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Book Review: Inferno by Dan Brown

“The darkest place in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in time of moral crisis.”

-Dan Brown

March 21st, 2017

School, Jakarta

Last month, there was a book festival in my school for a few days. Some bookstores opened stands in multi room. As scheduled, every class got to visit the bookfest, including mine.

When I was looking for a book that suits my taste, of course I took a look at the price. Most of the books are for children and novels. When I stopped in front of a stand from a quite popular bookstore, my eyes caught some thick novels sitting in the corner. It appeared to be a book I had, though I haven’t read it yet because I don’t have the time to currently. It was Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare, and I expected it to be in this bookfest. Or at least, any book from the series. It has to be.

It didn’t interest me much. Instead, there were another books standing behind the thick novels. The books were smaller in size than the novels, but they appeared to be novels too. The thickness vary, and a small, thick book, caught my attention, again. I picked it up and guess what, it was Inferno by Dan Brown.

This time, I never really expect it to be there, even though it’s quite popular. The reason is, because there’s not much teenager that likes to read it even though it’s good. But most people said that it can shake your faith, so make sure you hold on tightly to your belief.

I have the oldInferno-coverer printing, but the new printing still has the same size and thickness. The only contrast difference was the cover. All artwork, literature, science, and historical references in Inferno are real.

The main idea of the story is how Robert Langdon, a Harvard Professor, having to solve mysteries while being chased by the same time to prevent the release of virus made by a scientist and transhumanist, Bertrand Zobrist, which made an odd video about how he “save the world”.

As for me, Zobrist reflects “mad” people with “twisted” minds that keep going with their plan as long as they think it’s for the sake of goodness. Whatever happened to their mind, it clearly can alter their point of view and make them go against the majority to do what they think is true.

The descriptions of every single piece of art in this book comes without any pictures, but every detail is provided to let readers picture the object by themselves. Because the only fiction in this book is the story, most of the references may increase our knowledge even just for a bit. The complex plot, instead of confusing, is interesting and urges readers to go on with their curiosity of the story. Dan Brown is clearly clever in choosing vocabularies, and there are many unique words and phrases.

Anyway, it is an interesting book, and it uses a bit of Italian so it may add to your knowledge a bit. As you read the story, it will make you more curious, so overall it is an interesting book to read. Some parts will make us aware about the situation of our world right now. So it’s not a waste and worth of reading-time.



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Old Mirror of Present State

This is a tale of an imaginary kingdom, which reflects my beloved country.

The kingdom wasn’t perfect, but it had many beautiful natures and cultures. But the people were very faithful towards their kingdom, for the first king had established a symbol of the kingdom to strengthen the bonds between each person. This symbol is the main idea of the kingdom, of why it exists.

But things never stay unchanging, no? And not every king is wise.

As the kingdom communicates and do some tradings, people began to learn about other kingdoms outside their living place. Foreigners start to enter the kingdom and spread about their own kingdom’s beauty. And the folks started becoming jealous of and adore the other kingdom.

Meanwhile, because of imbalance in distribution, a certain race dominated the population. Somehow, the other races thinks negatively about his race, mainly because of their attitude, though it was what made the unique.
In the end, even the new king, neither the symbol could hold the random wrath between each person.

They leave. They fight each other. They badmouth their own kingdom, without any intention to make their kingdom better.

Differences of the folks were the cause of why this kingdom were created. Soon, this kingdom will be ruined, for the same cause.

Except if the folks start to think positively, and love their kingdom…

…Maybe things can change for a better future.



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We Will Never, Ever, Can be Together

A Fanfiction by Originica

Genre: (sad) romance
Word Count: 1,025

Summary: Even though they love each other, she just knows that he isn’t for her.

Special thanks to Himeko Sakura and Michiko Yuuta

~Happy Reading~

It’s already past 5, and unusually Katagiri Sakura is still waiting for her driver to pick her up. She begins to regret the fact that she rejected her friend’s offer to ride her home, and she didn’t borrow one of her teacher’s phone to call her parent (since she didn’t remember her driver’s number), because all of the teacher’s gone home already. Because of the school rules, Sakura never brings her phone to school.

Her watch shows 5.30, and she shifted impatiently on her seat. The sky is getting darker, and the wind is quite chilly. It’s going to rain pretty soon, she thought, I really want to go home now.

Footsteps can be heard from the hallway, getting louder on each step. Sakura immediately turned, only to see a particular dark-haired boy strolling to her direction. He’s surprised a bit as he notices her. “Katagiri? It’s rare to see you this late,” he asks.

“It is,” she mumbled doubtfully as she gazes back to the outside. Haruhito sat beside her, and knowing what she needed, took out his phone from his pocket and brought it to her. “Here, call your parents.” She stares at his phone for a while, feeling between annoyance and confusion. “You bring your phone the school?” she asks in a rising tone. “…yes? Is something wrong?”

“Wrong? It’s against the rules.” He sneers at her as she sighed. “I don’t take it out while I’m still in school. Besides, no one cares. And it’s fine if you don’t want to use it,” he held out his phone once again, and after eyed him for a while, she took it and hurriedly typed a number.

“Yes… Father? I’m still in school right now… Oh, it’s my friends. What? Ah, I see. No, it’s fine, really. It’s just…”

Sakura looks up to the sky worriedly.

“Okay, father, I understand. Yes, love you too. See you later.”

She ends the call and handles the phone back to the boy. “Thank you,” she said. He just nodded and put back his phone to his pocket, “So, what happened?”

“Traffic jam. Not going to make it here in another hour. I can wait here, or take the bus.”

“The bus? But you still have to walk a bit far from here. Plus, it’s going to rain very soon.”

“That’s why I have to go. Now.”  With that, Sakura rushes to the school gate, but Haruhito stops her at her tracks. “I’ll walk you home.” he said calmly.

“No need. I’m fine by myself,” she refuses flatly.

“No, it’s raining. I got an umbrella here, and my house is in the same direction as yours.”
Knowing how stubborn Aose Haruhito is, Sakura doesn’t stand any chance to reject his offer.

“Don’t tell me you still have your hopes up for being my lover,” she bitterly said.

“Actually I do,” he thinks for a while, “but I won’t force you to love me back if you don’t want to.”

She sighed mentally in relief.

“Although, can I get your -honest- reason?”

The rain is getting heavier, though just for a bit. She cursed mentally.

You deserve someone far better than me.

“No, not now, but you’ll know pretty soon,” she paused. “Still, we will never be more than just friends.”

Sighing, Haruhito knows that Sakura will keep rejecting him. The way she rejects him even made he wondered if she has any heart.



“I’ve given my answer. I’ll take my leave if you don’t have anything left to say.”

He froze in his place, and snapped back into reality when she turned in her heels.

“W-wait!” He reaches out, “Why are you so sure-“

“Why?” She turned her head to look at him. “You’re loud, annoying, like to tease the others, go against rules and teachers, and your hair is dyed.”


“Then I’ll do anything you want!” he said without thinking. “As long as it’s beyond my capabilities, I’ll do anything!”

She pursed her lips. “Then stay away from my life.”

And she left without another word, leaving him speechless.

They sat in the bus silently. No more words spoken from either one of them.
Until the bus stopped for the 3rd time.

“Here, bring this with you for now.” Haruhito stands as he holds out his umbrella to Sakura.

What? She eyed the umbrella confusedly. “But-“

“My stop is here. It doesn’t seem like you want to walk with me, but I’d still insist you to take the umbrella. Don’t worry, my house isn’t far from here and the rain isn’t that big.”

She stayed silent for a while. “…no.”

“…uh, what?”

“My house isn’t far from the next stop. So if you don’t mind and if you want, you can walk me home.”

He’s a bit taken aback by her seriousness. Smiling, he sits back beside her as Sakura gives back his umbrella.

At least she’s not as rude as she used to be, he thought. He absent-mindedly took out his phone and glanced at the blank screen, then averted his gaze to the girl sitting beside him. Her bangs are covering her eyes, causing him to be unable to guess her mood right now.

The loud speaker snapped both of them back to the reality, and Sakura stands up without a word. “Let’s go,” both of them got out of the bus and walked to Sakura’s home. The rest of the walk was very silent.

Right in front of her house, she turns to him for a while.

“Thank you for today,” she smiles sadly, “and I’m sorry.”

“Who was that, sweetheart? I think I’ve never seen you walking with a boy before.”
Her mother eyed her suspiciously.
“He walked me home, mother.”
She tried to kill her own feelings for him.
“Oh, really? Anyway, you didn’t forget about our appointment with your fiancee, right?”
And she thought she did.
“Yes, mother. And we’re just acquaintance, no need to worry.”
But deep inside, she really wants to cry.
“I see. Good then, you should take a rest now.”
Because she still loves him, to the point she can’t change it anymore.