About Me

Olivia Monica is my name, and I’m a proud youngest daughter in my family born in September 21st, 2001. I chose Originica as my pen name because I like origami, also it comes from the word origin and original, and from those words the meaning of my pen name is my writings are inspired from my own experience, and not a copy from anywhere. Thus, life, especially what I’ve been through, is my biggest inspiration.

Why do I write?

Because I like to imagine and phantasize things (the reality is pretty cruel, you know). And I like puring things into words, especially unusual ones. That’s why I have to improve my vocabulary, so I can write to the point of beauty I desired.Image result for uwu emoticon

And that is, too, why people say that my writing sounds like Bible verses, when I show them my piece of writings.

For my blog, I chose the name Dream Journal because I often have dreams at night, and I still remember some of them very clearly until now. And I’m planning to write them sometimes.

Judge me by my words, because there’s no trace of untruth in them, neither is hesitation.

Ask me anything~

My list of favorite things:

  • Color       : Blue
  • Food        : Light soup
  • Beverage: Anything non-coffee with vanilla
  • Hobby     : Papercraft & origami, playing (all kind of things)
  • Genre      : Fantasy, supernatural
  • Game      : The World Ends WIth You, Closers, Summon Night
  • Music      : Vocaloid
  • Animal    : Fox, Peacock, Butterfly
  • Plant        : Orchid