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Temporary Harmony

 “Two in harmony surpasses one in perfection.”

-Kirijou family, Persona 3

“Is it fine, if I write a poem about you? But please don’t tell anyone.”

“It’s okay.”

“Sorry, I lied. It’s not about you, it’s about us.”

Monochrome no more,
Grace never hides
Mute no more, with lively cheers
Aesthetical world beyond

Too much fitting, feels like trolling
I stop denying

Staring into nothing

We are black and white,
We are love and hate,
We are left and right,
We are smile and tear.

But, as if!

Smiling gladly, although lonely
Running from fantasy, which chases wildly
Singing quietly, with silent melody,
Knowing reality, the temporary harmony,
resides forever within me.


Cyber name: Hinagiku Sumeragi

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