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A Reply to A Question from the Askbox

April 25th, 2017

School, Jakarta

First, I want to apologize for the super-late reply (it’s been more than a month lol). Things going a bit hectic in my school by the time I write this. Second, I didn’t really expect someone to ask something. Last, I want to thank Crooked_shank  for asking the question. Let’s see the question:

“What would you do to get over something horrible in the past?”

As an adjective, horrible is a subjective, relative word. So let’s see the definition first.


Okay, thank you google. In this case, we’re using the first definition, and I take ‘horrible’ as ‘likely to change you/your life because of horror and/or shocking it caused’. Or more like, something very bad that (unfortunately) happens to you.

For me personally, I always try to take the positive sides instead of lamenting over the negative impacts.

Horrible things will be kept in our memory, and perhaps we will recall it sometimes in the future. It won’t be as horrible as it was, but it’ll make me introspect myself a bit more. Like, how that happened, do and don’t, how I am now, etc.

Example. A boy who likes archery, gets a silly birthday celebration: being thrown with eggs which causes one of his eye to be blind. Maybe some people -know- how he feels, but maybe they don’t -understand-. As this boy falls into despair, since he probably can’t do archery anymore, he tries to cheer himself up. Despite of ‘why’ questions and sadness welling up in his head, he tries a new hobby. He starts drawing to reflect his memory, and he’s glad that at least he still has an eye left. And he makes sure that he won’t lose that another one.

He draws more frequently, and his drawings turned into a beautiful art with deep meaning. Who knows he’s good at art if he keeps up with archery, despite of try to draw?
This may not a splendid or expected answer, but that’s my personal thinking. Hope this helps, and have a nice day!

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