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Old Mirror of Present State

This is a tale of an imaginary kingdom, which reflects my beloved country.

The kingdom wasn’t perfect, but it had many beautiful natures and cultures. But the people were very faithful towards their kingdom, for the first king had established a symbol of the kingdom to strengthen the bonds between each person. This symbol is the main idea of the kingdom, of why it exists.

But things never stay unchanging, no? And not every king is wise.

As the kingdom communicates and do some tradings, people began to learn about other kingdoms outside their living place. Foreigners start to enter the kingdom and spread about their own kingdom’s beauty. And the folks started becoming jealous of and adore the other kingdom.

Meanwhile, because of imbalance in distribution, a certain race dominated the population. Somehow, the other races thinks negatively about his race, mainly because of their attitude, though it was what made the unique.
In the end, even the new king, neither the symbol could hold the random wrath between each person.

They leave. They fight each other. They badmouth their own kingdom, without any intention to make their kingdom better.

Differences of the folks were the cause of why this kingdom were created. Soon, this kingdom will be ruined, for the same cause.

Except if the folks start to think positively, and love their kingdom…

…Maybe things can change for a better future.





Cyber name: Hinagiku Sumeragi

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