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We Will Never, Ever, Can be Together

A Fanfiction by Originica

Genre: (sad) romance
Word Count: 1,025

Summary: Even though they love each other, she just knows that he isn’t for her.

Special thanks to Himeko Sakura and Michiko Yuuta

~Happy Reading~

It’s already past 5, and unusually Katagiri Sakura is still waiting for her driver to pick her up. She begins to regret the fact that she rejected her friend’s offer to ride her home, and she didn’t borrow one of her teacher’s phone to call her parent (since she didn’t remember her driver’s number), because all of the teacher’s gone home already. Because of the school rules, Sakura never brings her phone to school.

Her watch shows 5.30, and she shifted impatiently on her seat. The sky is getting darker, and the wind is quite chilly. It’s going to rain pretty soon, she thought, I really want to go home now.

Footsteps can be heard from the hallway, getting louder on each step. Sakura immediately turned, only to see a particular dark-haired boy strolling to her direction. He’s surprised a bit as he notices her. “Katagiri? It’s rare to see you this late,” he asks.

“It is,” she mumbled doubtfully as she gazes back to the outside. Haruhito sat beside her, and knowing what she needed, took out his phone from his pocket and brought it to her. “Here, call your parents.” She stares at his phone for a while, feeling between annoyance and confusion. “You bring your phone the school?” she asks in a rising tone. “…yes? Is something wrong?”

“Wrong? It’s against the rules.” He sneers at her as she sighed. “I don’t take it out while I’m still in school. Besides, no one cares. And it’s fine if you don’t want to use it,” he held out his phone once again, and after eyed him for a while, she took it and hurriedly typed a number.

“Yes… Father? I’m still in school right now… Oh, it’s my friends. What? Ah, I see. No, it’s fine, really. It’s just…”

Sakura looks up to the sky worriedly.

“Okay, father, I understand. Yes, love you too. See you later.”

She ends the call and handles the phone back to the boy. “Thank you,” she said. He just nodded and put back his phone to his pocket, “So, what happened?”

“Traffic jam. Not going to make it here in another hour. I can wait here, or take the bus.”

“The bus? But you still have to walk a bit far from here. Plus, it’s going to rain very soon.”

“That’s why I have to go. Now.”  With that, Sakura rushes to the school gate, but Haruhito stops her at her tracks. “I’ll walk you home.” he said calmly.

“No need. I’m fine by myself,” she refuses flatly.

“No, it’s raining. I got an umbrella here, and my house is in the same direction as yours.”
Knowing how stubborn Aose Haruhito is, Sakura doesn’t stand any chance to reject his offer.

“Don’t tell me you still have your hopes up for being my lover,” she bitterly said.

“Actually I do,” he thinks for a while, “but I won’t force you to love me back if you don’t want to.”

She sighed mentally in relief.

“Although, can I get your -honest- reason?”

The rain is getting heavier, though just for a bit. She cursed mentally.

You deserve someone far better than me.

“No, not now, but you’ll know pretty soon,” she paused. “Still, we will never be more than just friends.”

Sighing, Haruhito knows that Sakura will keep rejecting him. The way she rejects him even made he wondered if she has any heart.



“I’ve given my answer. I’ll take my leave if you don’t have anything left to say.”

He froze in his place, and snapped back into reality when she turned in her heels.

“W-wait!” He reaches out, “Why are you so sure-“

“Why?” She turned her head to look at him. “You’re loud, annoying, like to tease the others, go against rules and teachers, and your hair is dyed.”


“Then I’ll do anything you want!” he said without thinking. “As long as it’s beyond my capabilities, I’ll do anything!”

She pursed her lips. “Then stay away from my life.”

And she left without another word, leaving him speechless.

They sat in the bus silently. No more words spoken from either one of them.
Until the bus stopped for the 3rd time.

“Here, bring this with you for now.” Haruhito stands as he holds out his umbrella to Sakura.

What? She eyed the umbrella confusedly. “But-“

“My stop is here. It doesn’t seem like you want to walk with me, but I’d still insist you to take the umbrella. Don’t worry, my house isn’t far from here and the rain isn’t that big.”

She stayed silent for a while. “…no.”

“…uh, what?”

“My house isn’t far from the next stop. So if you don’t mind and if you want, you can walk me home.”

He’s a bit taken aback by her seriousness. Smiling, he sits back beside her as Sakura gives back his umbrella.

At least she’s not as rude as she used to be, he thought. He absent-mindedly took out his phone and glanced at the blank screen, then averted his gaze to the girl sitting beside him. Her bangs are covering her eyes, causing him to be unable to guess her mood right now.

The loud speaker snapped both of them back to the reality, and Sakura stands up without a word. “Let’s go,” both of them got out of the bus and walked to Sakura’s home. The rest of the walk was very silent.

Right in front of her house, she turns to him for a while.

“Thank you for today,” she smiles sadly, “and I’m sorry.”

“Who was that, sweetheart? I think I’ve never seen you walking with a boy before.”
Her mother eyed her suspiciously.
“He walked me home, mother.”
She tried to kill her own feelings for him.
“Oh, really? Anyway, you didn’t forget about our appointment with your fiancee, right?”
And she thought she did.
“Yes, mother. And we’re just acquaintance, no need to worry.”
But deep inside, she really wants to cry.
“I see. Good then, you should take a rest now.”
Because she still loves him, to the point she can’t change it anymore.

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Difference Doesn’t Matter

A Letter for Everyone in This World

Mainly for fellow Indonesians, but I write this in English so everyone else can read. Because we want peace in the world, not just in Indonesia.

I am a gamer. Although I’m not a pro, and game is no more than just a hobby.
Like many other gamers, I like chatting with the other players. Even in a one-country server, the players vary widely. And my beloved country, Indonesia, is full with heterogenous people.

I do care a lot about another people’s health, mostly because they don’t really care about themselves besides their own happiness. So it’s not rare for me to ask them or remind them to take care about simplest things.

Which was how my relationship with most players in that game started.

Through various socmeds, I managed to find some informations about them. At first I thought most of them are from Jakarta, mainly because it is the biggest city and because if there will be any event, most likely it will be held in Jakarta.

But no. Compared to those who are in outside Jakarta, players who domiciled in Jakarta are quite few. Indonesia is quite large, but since I don’t know about the facility and technologies out there, so this was quite unexpected.

The players are heterogenous just like how Indonesians are heterogenous too. Still, most of them are boys.  And like I’ve mentioned above, I talked with some of them, a nice and positive chat.

From my observation, gamers rarely mind the difference between age, gender, race, etc. They respect me too, and though they like to tease me sometimes, I know they were just joking and they still know their limits.

One time, I had a long conversation with a player from another city. From his real name, I can know that he is a Moslem, while I am a Catholic. One thing that made me happy is the fact that this difference means nothing. We talked casually to the point I forgot that he has different religion with me. He didn’t mention any conflict happened in November 4th in Jakarta, but I’m pretty sure it’s not because he didn’t know anything. He’s willing to share some of his experience and knowledge. He’s willing to talk with me, despite of his uneasiness because he thinks that the way he talks is a bit rigid, which is caused by his main language is Javanese.

That goes for the other players too. They treat each other plainly, ignoring differences. Even sometimes they’re willing to help me with my school assignments. Although they were just giving advices, but it means a lot to me. Respect? Yes, but that doesn’t mean the younger ones have to obey the older ones. There were no “*specific race* are not allowed”.

Actually it should be something normal, but this kind of solidarity feels so rare at this matter of time. Because in the reality, there are so much conflicts, even ones caused by small misunderstandings.

Sometimes I wonder if everyone can relate each other like this. No conflicts, help each other, smile together, etc. I wonder if it happened just because our personality fitted each other, and the result would be difference if I was a different person.

But I wish, someday, everyone can hold hand together.

Special thanks to RinScarlet

With regards,


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Chronicled Life

A Random Letter for Everyone

I am a gospel.

Once, I was an open book. I was put on a table, and everyone was free to read me-
-if they want.
Amongst all books, no one bothered to read me.
Even if I put attracting picture with thousand colors, still no one bothered to just take a look on me.

I closed myself, knowing that it was useless to persuade them to read me.
Some bothered to read me. They opened, read, flipped some few pages…
But the further they read me, the more they get bored. Or, from what they show, I was getting more uninteresting, or even boring.

So, they left after reading first few pages.

Go away, go away.
I don’t need you to stay.

After my contract ran out, I was moved to another library. I did not expected any change, so it was not a shame that the readers in this library aren’t far different.

Although, certainly, there are still few readers who found interest in me.
Some of them left me after reading few pages, like the others.
But some of them stayed and keep reading-some even stay until now.
Some said because my storyline is distinct.
Some said because of the truth in me.
Some said because they like my genre.
Some said because of the style of writing is diverse.

What did I do? Something wrong, is it true?
We don’t argue, because we don’t want to.

Even though some of them have only read me virtually
without reading me in reality, they keep reading
and even urging me to open up and let them read me further.

It doesn’t matter even if I only have one reader.
But the way they stay and read me, without they realizing,
is what makes me happy.

They laugh in a cheery tone, they never let out a mocking laugh.
They give me positive comments to improve my writing.
If I can just bring goodness, joy, and happiness in their life,
it is more than enough already.
Because I know, they won’t leave me.

Time passes by, no longer I can count the amount of both of my readers and haters.

Nonetheless, no longer I can hide my smile and tears.

I don’t write lies. Not anymore.
How people take my writing, is what they receive, just like
how black see white as its’ opposite
and blend with another black.

Special thanks to my dear senpais and beloved friends

With regards,