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A Bit Introduction

Greetings, this is the first post I write. Forgive me if there is any grammatical mistake, but I write in English instead of Indonesia so I can improve and everyone can read my writings.

Now that I joined the blogging extracurricular activity in my school, I have a specific time to write each week! So I want to thank Ms. Deasi for opening this blogging club. I like the atmosphere in this class, wherever we are – classroom, library, anywhere.

There are many things in my head, sadly they’re never written. Most things I like to write are about thinkings, parables, and anything inspiring. But sometimes when I get too emotional, possibly I’ll write my feelings in a metaphorical way (and see if people can understand my writings).Image result for blue origami

This one isn’t mine though. I found it from Google.

The name Originica is taken from my first name + origami + last name. Yes, I like folding origamis and building papercrafts. I like to imagine things too, and it’s one of my reasons why I like to write. My writings may vary, so expect me to post a fictional story and and a description about my favorite game character next. But I ensure people can learn something useful from my posts, though it depends on the person. You may request a fanfiction too if you want! Give me the characters and a theme, I’ll write for your happiness.

Ah, and my favorite color is blue. Not navy, not sky blue. Because blue is the color of unconsciousness.

“Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as his children. For what children are not disciplined by their father?” -Hebrews 12:7

Image result for hardship

Again, I found it from Google. Thank you for whoever made it.

With regards,